Kingdom Futures: trust our experience

We see ourselves as your partner for all your LME execution and clearing needs. We develop a tailor-made, integrated concept that is based on your requirements. We focus on the long-term, rather than the short-term success of your investments. Our emphasis is on service based upon decades of direct practitioner experience in the brokerage business for some of the biggest names in the business .The page shows some of the areas in which we can assist you however we are able to offer risk management services across a wide product base including the FX and Energy Sectors

Financial security

Kingdom maintains three prime clearing brokers and is authorised to transact business with other LME clearing members under their names . In other words when you trade with Kingdom any transaction we make on your behalf into the market will appear in the name of that clearing member and if that trade is given up on your instruction to your account at your clearing brokers then it will be our clearing brokers name on the transaction ( not Kingdom)

This has two very distinct advantages .Firstly , You will not be carrying any risk on the transaction with Kingdom ( a small though fully FCA regulated entity ) any daylight risk on the trade will be with the Exchange clearing member and thereafter LME Clear .

Secondly by transacting your hedges in this way you significanlty reduce your execution footprint in the market and with it the risk of anyone other than your final clearer obtaining any information about your strategic book or transactions .